P1 AquaX

AquaX is the fastest growing personal watercraft championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

This year the program will include the unveiling of a professional level race series and expansion of two further championships in the Great Lakes region of the USA and in Southeast Asia.

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Date: Mon 11 Jun 2018

World Rankings: June 2018 Edition

P1 announces the latest edition of the AquaX World Rankings and we have a new world number one!

The top 10 AquaX world rankings were announced at St Pete Beach this past weekend and we can tell you that American racer, Eric Francis is the new number 1 ranked racer in the world, leap-frogging Chris MacClugage to the top spot!

After taking the win at the season opener in Miami in April, coupled with a solid second place at the World Championship in Key West last December, Eric has moved ahead of former world number one and USA Pro Champion racer Chris MacClugage to regain the top spot in the AquaX World Ranking and the coveted WR #1 vest.

The rankings, which are based on numerous factors including surf conditions and the calibre of racing/racers, are revealed every three months and will be recalculated after the Chicago leg of the Pro USA Tour in September.

The top 10 is full of strong performers, including reigning World Champion Brian Baldwin in third place, one spot ahead of the impressive Sea-Doo racer, Erminio Iantosca. Frenchman, Nick Rius moves ahead of former WR#1, Mike Klippenstein courtesy of his third-place finish at the World Championships. Brit Joe Harvey drops a place (7th) while Top Rookie of 2017, Chris Saxon remains in eighth place. Thomas Favolini makes his first appearance in the top 10 as a result of his strong performances in this year’s P1 AquaX Pro EuroTour. Canada’s Jay Edworthy rounds out the top 10.

Racers will be looking to improve their ranking as the series reaches the halfway point in the season.

1 to 10 countdown

1. Eric Francis #911

1. Eric Francis #911

  • 1. Eric Francis #911
  • 2 . Chris Macclugage #46
  • 3. Brian Baldwin #502
  • 4. Erminio Lantosca #94
  • 5. Nick Rius #217
  • 6. Mike Klippenstein#212
  • 7. Joe Harvey #64
  • 8. Chris Saxon #71
  • 9. Thomas Favolini#287
  • 10. Jay Edworthy#477

11 to 20 countdown

There have been some major movers in the 20 to 11 bracket, especially from those competing in the European Pro Tour. Thomas Batisse made the leap to the Pro ranks this season, but his 3rd place at last year’s Am Internationals in Key West helped elevate the Frenchman from 31 to 19. Those competing in the USA Tour have struggled to improve their rankings due to slow start to the season.

12. Tim Batte #46

12. Tim Batte #46

  • 11. Eric Lagopoulos#361
  • 12 . Tim Batte#46
  • 13. Tommy Olswang #219
  • 14. Jordan Lambert #380
  • 15. Carlito Del Valle #30
  • 16. Russell Marmon#666
  • 17. Dave Huddleston#70
  • 18. Cody Tetreeault#710
  • 19. Thomas Batisse#116
  • 20. Anthony Radetic#153

21 to 30 countdown

A few of these have dropped down the rankings due to a lack of racing but the notable mover is Amateur 300 racer Jason Lester who put in an excellent performance in both the Great Lakes series as well as the Amateur Internationals in Key West where he finished third overall. Canadian racer Dave Davidson is also on the move, helped by a great start to the 2018 season with a win in St Cloud.

24. Jason Lester #35

24. Jason Lester #35

  • 21. Johnny Smith #72
  • 22 . Victor Nolan #585
  • 23. David Gorie #60
  • 24. Jason Lester #35
  • 25. Sophie Perrin - Francis #191
  • 26. Rainer Eidner #124
  • 27. Cyrille Lemoine #99
  • 28. Khris Leach #50
  • 29. Dave Davidson #221
  • 30. Daniel Steele #128

31 to 40 countdown

After dominating the first round of the 2018 EuroTour Alex Barret enters the world rankings at #40. Also, making his debut and coming straight in at #34 is the current leader of the EuroTour Jordi Tomas Jimenez .

Phil Pope’s return to the AquaX UK series has seen him move back up rankings. He is now ranked 32nd, an increase of 5 positions since the previous recalculation.

The biggest losers in this current shake up are Aero Aswar, who drops 25 positions from 11th to 36th and Jason Russo who drops from 24th to 31st.

34.. Jordi Tomas #99

34.. Jordi Tomas #99

  • 31. Jason Russo #77
  • 32 . Phil Pope #200
  • 33. Michele Colasanto #93
  • 34. Jordi Tomas Jimenez #99
  • 35. David Chassier #41
  • 36. Carl Lofthouse #555
  • 37. Aero Aswar #119
  • 38. Richard Cable #92
  • 39. Yaniel Fiallo #175
  • 40. Alex Barret #330

41 to 50 countdown

The biggest mover inside the top 50 comes in the shape of amateur 300 class rider Claude Vangansbeck who went from strength to strength across the 2017 season ending the year with a second place in the AquaX EuroTour Championship. Vangansbeck climbs 6 places to the #41 spot. Eurotour racer Toni Luciano #44 also makes his first appearance in the top 50, helped by his championship win in the 200 class.

41. Claude Vangansbeck #88

41. Claude Vangansbeck #88

  • 41. Claude Vangansbeck #88
  • 42 . Marcus Jorgensen #248
  • 43. Enrique Chia #34
  • 44. Dave Coe #80
  • 45. Toni Luciano #44
  • 46. Nick Brockbanks#57
  • 47. Dave Lee #35
  • 48. Gary Shrigley #734
  • 49. Paul Green #416
  • 50. Sebastien Biondi #199