P1 AquaX

AquaX is the fastest growing personal watercraft championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

This year the program will include the unveiling of a professional level race series and expansion of two further championships in the Great Lakes region of the USA and in Southeast Asia.

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Enduro Racers

P1 AquaX UK

Perry Field

Perry Field - P1 AquaX Rider

Joseph Harvey

Joseph Harvey - P1 AquaX Rider

Russell Marmon

Russell Marmon - P1 AquaX Rider

Aysha Rensink

Aysha Rensink - P1 AquaX Rider

Dave Huddleston

Dave Huddleston - P1 AquaX Rider

Jim Goodchild

Jim Goodchild - P1 AquaX Rider

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson - P1 AquaX Rider

Joe Leeming

Joe  Leeming - P1 AquaX Rider

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson - P1 AquaX Rider

David Coe

David Coe - P1 AquaX Rider

Richard Cable

Richard Cable - P1 AquaX Rider

James Roberts

James Roberts - P1 AquaX Rider

Wayne Lucas

Wayne Lucas - P1 AquaX Rider

Graham Roberts

Graham Roberts - P1 AquaX Rider

Andrew Quay

Andrew Quay - P1 AquaX Rider

Barry Gibson

Barry Gibson - P1 AquaX Rider

Dennis Taylor

Dennis Taylor - P1 AquaX Rider

Luke Evans

Luke Evans  - P1 AquaX Rider

Khris Leach

Khris Leach - P1 AquaX Rider

Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams - P1 AquaX Rider

Phil Howarth

Phil Howarth - P1 AquaX Rider

Nick Brockbanks

Nick Brockbanks - P1 AquaX Rider

Carl Lofthouse

Carl Lofthouse - P1 AquaX Rider

Andy Collins

Andy Collins - P1 AquaX Rider

Stephen James

Stephen James - P1 AquaX Rider

Michael Haines

Michael Haines - P1 AquaX Rider

Adrian Ritchie

Adrian Ritchie - P1 AquaX Rider

Dave Lee

Dave Lee - P1 AquaX Rider

Nigel Chapple

Nigel Chapple - P1 AquaX Rider

Phil Howarth

Phil Howarth - P1 AquaX Rider

Duncan Johnstone

Duncan Johnstone - P1 AquaX Rider